Kumar Sanu Vidya Niketan | Who We Are
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Who We Are

On the month of May 2015, Kumar Sanu, Bimal Bear, Supriya Deb, RK. Sarkar & Sanjay Mittal met to discuss issues pertaining to the well being of youths in their native country of India .These five young men were many of whom were orphans and belong to very poor family. determined to become agents of change in order to improve the education of impoverished Indian children,

As a result of this meeting, Kumar Sanu Vidhya Niketan was formed. It became a rsgistered Charitble Trust on August 7, 2016 Which is run and organised by “kumar Sanu Vidhya Niketan Charitable Trust”.

This organisation is working towards education of the poor children and the slum children. As education is the basic right of every child they offer free education to children Who are not able to afford to go school. This Organisation has a qualified and self-motivated team of teaching faculty who work hard to teach these children and help them in improving their life standards.

Organisation follows a uniqe method of education the poor children that would help them in applying their education knowledge to creatr something new and big that would financially support them

Mission: To bring smiles to children in the poorest areas by providing them access to quality education.

Vision: To use the power of quality education to eliminate extreme poverty.

Goals: By the year 2020